GreenView is proud to use PVC in the production of our windows and doors as it is considered to be one of the most resource efficient materials available today. In fact, products that are made from plastic save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Facts about PVC and the environment:
  • Plastic is used in the window industry because of its insulating properties, low maintenance and durability.
  • The insulating properties of plastic help save energy that would otherwise be lost during the heating and cooling process.
  • Plastic doesn't need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals or frequently painted because of its durability and long lifecycle.
  • PVC takes less energy to produce than many competing products and 20% less than other plastics.
  • Because of its light weight, PVC helps save fuel during transportation.
  • At the end of its use, plastic can be recycled or reused. More than 1 billion pounds of plastic are recycled annually (mostly post-industrial)
Environment and Plastic Industry Council (EPIC)
The Vinyl Institute
Canadian Plastics Ind. Assoc.
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