Certain areas are known for having bitterly cold winters. If you hate high heating bills and cold drafts, you may be interested in purchasing quality windows which will help you preserve heat inside your home and make the winter season a little more bearable overall. The following blog article will help you spot the features that are designed to make windows more efficient in the winter.

Insulating frame material

Fun fact: conductive windows are also energy efficient windows! Any of the following materials will do the job: aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass. All you need to do is pay special attention to the construction of it all and make sure it is done correctly.

Warm edge spacers

All multi-pane windows require spacers to keep the glass a consistent distance apart. These spacers are known to create a longer-lasting and more energy efficient window.

Low-E coating

When added to the outer side of the innermost pane of glass, it conducts heat back into your home, so your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard to preserve the heat inside your home.

Sloped window sills

A sloped sill facilitates maintenance and doesn’t allow water to pool on the sill. Therefore, avoiding any unwanted potential water leakages, which can later turn into ice once the temperature drops below 0.

Owens Corning air sealing technology

This air sealing technology is known to cut drafts by 24% compared to standard weather stripping technology.

If you are trying to get your home winter-ready by equipping it with the best windows for the job, looking for these special features will guarantee a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. We urge you to take our advice and beat the cold!