Choosing the right windows for your home can prove to be an interesting challenge. Luckily, we are here to make things easier for you. In the following article we will offer some tips and fun facts on current window trends.


Adding large windows to your home has many benefits. First off, they allow the natural light into your home, which will help you save on your electric bills. Cool right? Also, if you have high ceilings, large windows have become an architectural accent – an attention grabber!


Why stick to your standard white when you can spice things up and add curb appeal with a touch of color! Lucky for you, Greenview Windows offers all of their windows in a wide variety of colors – from discrete and creamy shades to darker and edgier tones. What are you waiting for? Start experimenting with our different color palettes!


Let’s be real, vinyl windows have always been the most practical option. Sure, wood windows are timeless and have a certain appeal, the problem is, and they require extensive maintenance which can be a bit of nuisance sometimes.


Trends are always evolving. Make sure you are updating your home with timeless and practical designs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Greenview Windows! We are at your service!