When you decide to redesign the exterior of your home, choosing your windows can be tricky. Hence, the importance of being able to distinguish the different types that are available. In the following article, we will be focusing on Awning windows.

Awning windows provide a contemporary look and are hinged on the top, meaning that you can let the fresh air in rain or shine! Awnings are extremely energy efficient and are the most efficient in preventing air infiltration as they close inward and form a tight seal with compression weather stripping.

Where can they be found?

Awning windows can be placed on high walls, mainly for privacy. Combined with large stationary windows, they can also create a better view than casement or sliding windows.

Special features

  1. The seal must be somewhat flexible in order the window to easily glide (open and close). The Owens Corning Air Sealing weather technology we use, cuts drafts by 24% compared to standard weather stripping.
  2. Truth Encore Folding Handle: This handle does not interfere with any of the window coverings.
  3. Frame: awning windows have a fully welded sash and frame. Their superior engineering improves the longevity of the window.
  4. Our windows are made with an Intercept Ultra Warm-Edge Spacer, for a longer-lasting and more energy-efficient window.

Our awning windows are built to fit your home in an effective, yet decorative way. If you are looking for high quality and energy-efficient windows, we will be sure to satisfy all of your house and home needs!