Over time, your windows need to be replaced, just like your appliances or roof shingles. However, determining when to replace your home’s windows is not always easy. If you’ve had the same windows for quite some time, it is probably a good time to check and make sure they are still operating correctly. For instance, do you have trouble opening or closing your windows? Are they difficult to clean properly? Do you consistently find moisture on your windows’ interior? Can you feel a draft when near your windows? If you can answer yes to any or more of these questions, chances are you need replacement windows! Let’s look at some of the reasons for which you may want to replace your windows.

Reducing energy costs

Replacing old or in-efficient windows will save you money right away and continue to do so. In-efficient windows allow cold to transfer into your home causing your HVAC unit to run more frequently thus causing you to spend more money. Having that unit run more frequently will also cause more ware and tare and increase your chance of breakdowns.

Broken glass or hardware

Cracks or breakage in the glass are both unsightly and in-efficient. If left unaddressed, there is a risk of water damage to the structure of your home. Broken/damaged hardware should be repaired or replaced so the window can operate safely and properly. There is also a security risk if locks are broken. Thankfully, we offer a Lifetime/Non-Prorated Warranty against Accidental Glass Breakage, as well as a Lifetime/Non-Prorated Warranty on Hardware.

Air infiltration

Air can infiltrate your home through or around old/worn weather-stripping, and around an incorrectly installed/inadequately insulated window causing cold drafts in the winter. Fun fact: we use Owens Corning Air Sealing Technology which reduces Air infiltration by 24%.

Condensation between glass panes

If you see condensation or discolouring between the panes of glass, the seal has been compromised and is no longer doing its job. What that means is that the sealed unit is no longer sealed and any insulating gas (Argon) has escaped. At KP windows, we offer a Lifetime/Non-Prorated Warranty on Sealed Units.

If any of these reasons apply to your windows, we believe it is time to take a look at our wide selection of windows and give your home the refresher it so desperately needs!