Having clean, grime-free windows makes all the difference to the look of your home. Simply by taking care of them, you will protect the longevity of your investment. However, many people avoid this task because they don’t know the steps involved. Here, we provide you with 5 easy guidelines so your windows can sparkle.

1 – Choose a CLOUDY day! The absence of light actually helps you see your work better, minimizing streaks.

2 – Get ready to VACUUM! The vacuum hose will help you clean inside the window sills where a lot of dirt accumulates.

3 – Get the first layer of dirt off by HOSING down the outside of the windows. This will make the next step easier!

4 – Next, you will be HAND-WASHING the glass and screens. Glass should be cleaned by a window cleaner
and screens by some warm, soapy water. The screens can even be placed in the bathtub to make things easier!

5 – DRY the windows with lint-free cloths. You can even try coffee filters or a small squeegee!