As we can all know, summer is quickly coming to an end.. “Sniff Sniff”, however, this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the rest of the fun the great outdoors has to offer for the coming month !

From a nice romantic diner for two on the backyard deck to cool pool parties, your outdoor space can transform into an oasis. So let’s take a look at what our guests will see while they are enjoying a visit.

One thing they will definitely notice will be your patio door and windows. No one wants their guests to strugglewith the door and stare up at windows that look like they have seen better days.

Greenview offers many window and door options that wll allow you to extend your interior living spaces into the surrounding outdoors.

Here are some examples of door and window options that Greenview offers that may enhance your overall summer entertainment experience:

  • Patio doors: These stylish and easy-glide doors not only offers homeowners with a clear view of their outside area, all while providing comfort and security thanks to Owens Corning Air Sealing Technology. This patented technology will ensure that your precious AC air will stay where it belongs, in your home. Another key feature is Greenview’s exclusive sliding system, which allows each door panel to slide into each other, so what was once two spaces is now one big entertainment area!
  • Casement and Awning Windows: In that same train of thought, choosing larger contemporary style windows will not only let the sunshine in, they will provide you with unobstructed views.
  • Superior clarity, superior energy efficiency and one more thing,low maintenance thanks to our EC Tech technology. Pst, add a screen to make sure those pesky insects stay out!
  • Bay and bow windows: Express your creativity and design flair, normally these are features on the front of the house but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. You can entertain on your front lawn.Not only do these styles of windows provide additional curb appeal to your home, they enhance the focal points of your exterior.These stynning window might grab all the attention away from your get-together.

Creating a welcoming and open space for your guest is an important part of setting the scene. Make sure  Make sure all looks tidy  and if you notice that your windows and doors look tired and worse for wear, Greenview can change that for you!  Let us help add some extra summer joy and added ease with our energy efficient and low maintenance windows and doors.


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