There are clear benefits to replacing your old and drafty windows,  you’ll definitely save money on your monthly energy bills (yes!) which in turn will put less stress on your heating system therefore cutting back on any maintenance due to overwork. However the biggest bang for your buck will be when you sell your home. New windows will not only spruce up the overall look of your home, it’s one less thing the potential new owner will need to worry about!

Save money

Air infiltration, be it the heat escaping in the winter or that precious cool air conditioning in the summer, can account to up to third of your monthly energy usage. This amount may fluctuate as it depends on whether you live in a colder or warmer climate but generally speaking, you can expect lower monthly energy bills after upgrading your old windows and replacing them with any of Greenviews available products.  Which are EnergyStar Certified !

Let your HVAC System take a break

With your current inefficient windows, you can be sure your air conditioner or furnace is working hard to maintain the inside temperature, you know that ideal number  that makes you comfortable. This is even more of an issue  during hose  hot summer days aa well as those frigid winter snaps. We are demanding a lot from our HVAC systems, making them sometimes work overtime and we all know, they won last forever. If you could find a way to reduce the daily stress put on your HVAV system and extend its life, wouldn’t you want to do it? So give them  a break and invest in energy efficient  windows that can actually keep the heat or cold inside! Trust us replacing a complete heating system is not cheap!

Increase the Value of Your Home

Installing good-quality windows can bump up the value of your home instantly . This is great news if you plan to sell your house in the future. Potential homeowners know their energy costs won’t be outrageous and it’s a remodel or upgrade they don’t have to worry about doing. However, this added value can also greatly benefit yourself,. Not only will new windows make your home stand out from the others in the neighborhood, it will also add curb appeal. Think about, if there is another home for sale on your street and their windows are shoddy looking, and yours are brand new, your house is the one they will notice from the start!  As they say, first impression is everything!

An Attractive, Lasting Investment for Your Home

Now that you’ve decided to replace your old, inefficient windows with new, energy-saving windows, you can rest easy knowing you’ll save money on energy costs while keeping harmful UV rays out, reducing noise pollution, and providing a nice, snug, draft-free interior. The added curb appeal that new windows provide as well as the increased value of your home are bonuses!